Self-Service Games: Gateway Market

Self-Service Games: Gateway Market

We've partnered with Gateway Exchange and DubHub to offer one unified ecosystem for gameplay and payments.

The first step is to create an account with Gateway Exchange. Let's play!

Using Cash App, Pay Pal & Other P2P Wallets to Play Online is a Nightmare. We Found the Solution.

Since day one, our main goal has been speed. We want to help our customers get online and play their favorite games as quickly as possible. At Lott-o-Fun, we have set a high standard for our concierge services.

However, using Cash App, Venmo & other P2P wallets has made it increasingly difficult to maintain this standard. We’ve searched for a better option and found one! Gateway Market and DubHub.

Gateway Market lets players manage all of their game accounts, logins, account history, and token redeems from one dashboard.

Register once, verify your ID, link your accounts, and start playing full HD games – it’s that easy.

Benefits of Playing with Gateway Market

  • No more waiting for us to load funds into your account.
  • Automatic loads
  • Automatic redemption requests
  • No limits on redemption amounts. That’s right, redeem as much as you want, with no caps.
  • Register for your account right away, and make sure to use our link.