Fishing Kingdom Remastered: New Bosses and Better Battles!

Fishing Kingdom Remastered: New Bosses and Better Battles!

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Winning Strategies for Fishing Kingdom Remastered on Riversweeps with Lott-O-Fun

In the realm of Fishing Kingdom Remastered, epic boss battles await your conquest, promising bountiful rewards:

#1 – Meet and Beat the New Bosses

Big Boss (yes, that is his name)

  • Every hit on the Big Boss brings you closer to prizes of 25X, 50X, or 75X.
  • Defeating the Big Boss unlocks an incredible 600X prize.

Mighty Tusk

  • Each hit on the Tusk can reap rewards of 100X, 150X, or 200X.
  • Conquering the Tusk leads to an astonishing 900X prize.


  • Scoring hits on the Dino can earn you rewards of 50X, 100X, or 150X.
  • Triumphing over the Dino results in a substantial 800X prize.

The Diver

  • Snagging the Diver’s prize awards a remarkable 1000X.

#2 – Bonus Games

Crown Pick’em Bonus

  • Within the game, players can trigger extra rewards by capturing the crown 👑.
  • Enjoy the crown pick’em game and claim an incredible game prize of 2500X at your play level.

Spin the Bonus Wheel

  • Snag the bonus spinner wheel 🎡 to unlock a special game.
  • Test your luck and stand a chance to win up to a whopping 5000X in total play level.

Unleash the Super Laser

  • Any hit can activate the Super Laser bonus, transforming your weapon into a powerful laser.
  • The Super Laser can target and hit every object in its path, delivering an astounding 100-500 hits.

Aim with Precision: The Free Shot Cannon

  • Players receive a generous 100-300 free bullets, boosting your firepower.

#3 – Use Your Tools

Amplify with the Boost Feature

  • Activate the boost feature at any time (except during bonus games) to supercharge your weapon and double your chances of catching objects.
  • Each boost shot costs 2x entries.

Hit the Mark with Precision Aiming

  • Turn on the aiming laser feature at any time (except during bonus games) to elevate your accuracy.
  • The shot cost and fire rate of the aiming laser align with those of the base weapon.

Bonus Strategy – Don’t Forget about the Jackpots!

Playing with us gives you a chance on 4 different jackpots.

  • When playing on 5 or more entries you have a chance to win the RED and SILVER jackpots
  • When playing on 20 or more entries you can also win the GOLD and DIAMOND jackpots

Embark on Your Winning Journey with Lott-O-Fun, and Fishing Kingdom Remastered!

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