Candy Heroes: A Sweeter Way to Reel in Big Wins!

Candy Heroes: A Sweeter Way to Reel in Big Wins!

Fun Fish Table Game

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Top 10 Tips for a Lott-o-Fun with Candy Heroes from Riversweeps

1. Rainbow Spark Bonus! – Your weapon transforms into a Rainbow Spark gun, allowing you to shoot colorful beams that hit everything in their path.

  • Blue Rainbow Spark: 1 beam, 230~300 hits
  • Orange Rainbow Spark: 2 beams, 350~450 hits
  • Red Rainbow Spark: 3 beams, 390~600 hits

2. Mighty Banana Boomerang! – it’s a fruity projectile that goes on a smashing spree, hitting everything in its path.

  • Blue Banana Boomerang: 1 banana, 250~400 hits
  • Orange Banana Boomerang: 2 bananas, 440~620 hits
  • Red Banana Boomerang: 3 bananas, 630~900 hits

3. Swirling Cream Bonus! – Your weapon becomes a Swirling Cream gun, and you’ll be whipping up some delightful cream bullets that hit everything in their path.

  • Blue Swirling Cream: 1 bullet, 270~320 hits
  • Orange Swirling Cream: 2 bullets, 350~470 hits
  • Swirling Cream: 3 bullets, 680~700 hits

4. Hit the Honey Barrel! – Any hit can set off the Honey Barrel bonus. When it appears, it’s like a sweet, fiery apocalypse, burning everything in its hit zone.

  • Blue Honey Barrel: 1 honey puddle, 210~330 hits
  • Orange Honey Barrel: 2 honey puddles, 330~500 hits
  • Red Honey Barrel: 3 honey puddles, 800~1200 hits

5. Magic Reels! – Try to trigger the Magic Reels bonus. The symbol combinations on the reels reveal your rewards.

  • Blue Magic Reels: 1 Game
  • Orange Magic Reels: 2 Games
  • Red Magic Reels: 3 Games

6. Spinning the Bonus Wheel! – With every hit, you’re closer to the Bonus Wheel, which has two circles – one for Bonus Types and the other for Bonus Levels. Give it a spin!

7. Sweet Rush – Where Candy Unites! – Sweet Rush is a spontaneous candy gathering where all the fishes unite for a sugar-packed party!

8. Join the Candy Hunt! – During the Candy Hunt, some fishes grow bigger and offer bigger rewards.

9. Beat the Bosses!

Candy Heroes Boss - Jelly Worm: An illustration or screenshot displaying the formidable boss character known as 'Jelly Worm' in the Candy Heroes game.

Jelly Worm – The Gooey Jackpot!
Catch them and get up to x1000.

Candy Heroes Boss - Marshal Mallow: An illustration or screenshot presenting the formidable boss character 'Marshal Mallow' in the Candy Heroes game.

Marshal Mallow – The Marshmallow Marvel!
Score up to x300 and grab The Pink Orb.

The Pink Orb chooses 3 targets and dishes out 300-500 hits – it’s like marshmallow mayhem!

Candy Heroes Boss - Crispy Guy: An illustration or screenshot highlighting the boss character 'Crispy Guy' in the Candy Heroes game.

Crispy Guy – The Crunchy Challenge!
He comes in five destruction stages. The more you destroy, the bigger your reward.

Candy Heroes Boss - Gumball Man: An illustration or screenshot showcasing the imposing boss character 'Gumball Man' in the Candy Heroes game.

Gumball Man – Bubble Mania! Capture the Gumball Man to grab 5 Bubble picks for the Pick’em game. Prizes, range from x10 to x250 or more picks.

10. Aim for the Jackpots!

  • Play with 5 or more entries for a shot at the Red and Silver jackpots.
  • Go big with 20 or more entries to aim for the Gold and Diamond jackpots.

Bonus Tips: Use Your Weapons

Boost – Activate the boost feature anytime, except during bonus games. Your weapon transforms, and your chances of bagging goodies double. Each boost shot costs 2x entries – but it’s worth it!

Aim – Laser Precision! Turn on the aiming laser whenever you like (except during bonus games). It shoots and costs like the base weapon. Aim like a pro, hit like a champ!

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